Reasons to Wear Sunglasses for Driving 

Obviously, the main reason to wear driving sunglasses when you're in your vehicle is so you can look as cool as possible while you’re getting somewhere. Seriously though, wearing sunglasses for driving isn’t just a good idea in the right conditions, it really should be considered a necessity. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, so let's take a look at the reasons to wear sunglasses for driving as well which are the best sunglasses for driving.


The main reason for wearing sunglasses when driving is to cut down on glare from the sun so you can see where you’re going and what's coming at you. While a sun visor can stop the blinding glare from the sun, putting an opaque object in front of you also stops you seeing in general. Sunglasses cut down on glare while still allowing you to still what you need to see.

Reflections and distractions

As well as the glare from direct sunlight in your eyes stopping you seeing, you can also be distracted by all sorts of reflections if you’re not wearing sunglasses and that can be extremely dangerous. It only takes a split second for a reflection to take your attention away from where it really ought to be, on the road in front of you, and if it's at the wrong time it could be extremely serious. Although sunglasses won’t prevent reflections completely, they will cut their intensity down and therefore reduce the chances of them causing an accident.

Protection from foreign bodies

Even though most of today's vehicles come with some sort of air conditioning as standard, many of us can't resist having the window down when it's a warm sunny day. Unfortunately, this can allow dust, insects and other foreign bodies to get in your eyes. Although only goggles would protect you one hundred percent from such things, a good pair of sunglasses can go a long towards alleviating the problem. And if a window wound down likely to cause problems with things getting in your eyes, just think about what can happen in you're driving a convertible with the hood down!


Stopping dust and other things from getting in your eyes will obviously makes things more comfortable for you, but there's another way sunglasses can aid comfort when driving. A good fitting pair can act as a wind barrier that will reduce the amount of your eyes' moisture that evaporates in the wind, keeping your eyes comfortable as well as healthy.

What to look for when buying sunglasses for driving

The tints applied to lenses to help absorb light as it passes through, but color choice can be important. The most popular tint colors to consider are amber, neutral grey, brown or green. For example, grey lenses reduce brightness but don't distort colors, blue glasses are not particularly suitable for driving at all, while yellow is good for sharpening up images but also causes increased color distortion. Brown lenses are good as the significantly reduce glare, but they also absorb the blue frequency of light in the sun's rays and that can make your surroundings appear hazy.

Specialist anti-glare sunglasses are an obvious good choice as they offer excellent protection from reflection, and they can also be used at night to reduce the glare from oncoming headlights in the dark.

Mirror lenses offer good protection for those wearing them, but they can also be a distraction for others as they reflect light back off them like any other mirror.

Polarized lenses are perhaps the best choice as they have a special filter for blocking out the horizontal light that form glares, which not only prevents sun damage, but also ensures you have a clear view all the time.